Sigma Kappa

Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

Epsilon Tau Philanthropies

Our five philanthropies spell out SIGMA, and each one holds a special value to our chapter. Through various philanthropic services, we work to make a difference in our communities while having fun with our sisters!

Sigma Kappa Foundation - Each sister of our chapter is proud to donate annually to the 1874 Giving Circle, which helps sisters in need across other chapters in the nation. Additionally, we hold a huge philanthropic event each Spring called Sigma Kappa's Best Dance Crew (SKBDC). This is a fun dance competition between sororities and fraternities at Cal State Fullerton, and the proceeds benefit the PULSE fund.

Inherit the Earth - Our chapter participates in street cleanups and beach cleanups around Orange County, California. This past year, we have partnered with local Sigma Kappa chapters (Theta Epsilon at UC Riverside) to bond together and clean up the beaches at Huntington Beach, California. 

Gerontology - Our chapter strives to lend helping hands to senior citizens around us. We have supported this philanthropy by visiting senior homes and making new friendships. We also frequently write and send out personalized cards to senior homes to brighten their day. As well as bringing treats and singing Christmas carols for the senior citizens to enjoy during the holiday season.

Maine Sea Coast Mission - In efforts to support this philanthropy, our chapter collects toiletries and our sisters come together to make tie-blankets to donate to individuals in need in Maine. 

Alzheimer's ResearchOur annual philanthropy for the Fall semester, Frats at Bat, is heavily concentrated on Alzheimer's Association and research. This is a fun and exciting baseball competition between the fraternities at Cal State Fullerton. Our chapter also participates in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer's, and this year we teamed up with two Sigma Kappa chapters, Theta Epsilon at UC Riverside and Gamma Theta at Long Beach State.